New Racks Hold Boards, Open Beers

It’s important to remember priorities when purchasing a surf rack. © Grant Ellis

Surfers often drive trucks because we tend to hoard gear like someone in need of a reality TV intervention, and that gear needs to go places—namely, to the beach. Obviously there are the boards, which we tirelessly collect in pursuit of the perfect craft for every wave size and shape theoretically possible, but there are also the plastic bins filled with wetsuits and booties, the backpacks stuffed with towels and sunscreen and at least one sandy nub of wax, and the coolers loaded with snacks and beer for the dermatologist-not-recommended marathon beach days.

Do we need an entire quiver and all this peripheral crap every time we go to the beach? No, but if you’re going on a road trip and want to be prepared for every eventuality, or you’ve got friends piling into your ride for a beach day, a little extra space never hurts.

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© Grant Ellis/Yakima Racks/