GSS Surf Trips To Morocco

Anchor Point, Thagazout, Morocco

Green Surf School and Surfcamp manages and organizes surf trips, in and to France, Spain, Morocco etc. This winter GSS Surf trips targets Morocco as the nearest ideal surfing destination.

There are many small places to stay in Morocco with great benefits. Our instructors are familiar with the region, and local surfers, who connect them to the best hotels of the moment! The goal is to have a comfortable, clean place, in front of a good spot and with good food.

The region around Thagazout is exceptional, with long straight waves that break on a coast ideally shaped to accommodate the swell and make perfect waves!

Moroccan people are very welcoming, and always ready to help and to share their culture. Within a short 2 to 3 hour flight, Morocco is a breath of unsuspected fresh-air.

GSS Blog Editor