Find the perfect “not-beginner-but-almost-intermediate” surfboard

No longer a beginner? A minimal is a great intermediate surfboard, but an oversized shortboard will be more useful to you in the long run. Here’s why…

The beauty of learning to surf in a wave pool is that you will progress at a steady pace. Hit it like you’d hit the gym and you’ll progress rapidly. For the ocean-dependent beginning surfer things like flat spells, hurricanes, shark scares or any of several other factors can interrupt your frequency of sessions.

Graduating from the bay section of a Wavegarden Lagoon facility like Surf Snowdonia or NLand, is a huge accomplishment. You’ve learned the basics: paddling, jumping to your feet, and remaining stable on that big foamy. Take a moment and pat yourself on the back.

Now that the whitewater is a bit boring and you want more of a thrill you’ll need the right board to take you to the next level.

So what board is best in this awkward phase between beginner and intermediate? Any board that doesn’t resemble a giant tongue depressor will help you advance your skills.

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Bryan Dickerson