The ‘Environmental Movement’ needs hope to survive

The greatest challenge facing the environmental movement today isn’t global warming, deforestation or the pollution of the Earth’s oceans, but an absence of hope in the messaging meant to motivate people to care, a local activist says.

Curious about what he perceived as a waning interest in the cause, Graham Saul, who founded Ecology Ottawa and is now executive director of Nature Canada, interviewed 116 environmentalists to ask them what they’re fighting for.

Some people say that Martin Luther King didn’t say, ‘I have a nightmare.’ He said, ‘I have a dream.’

When you add it all up, humanity is essentially destroying the life support systems of the planet right now…. If you’ve got a common problem of that magnitude, you also have a common solution. We need to come together and be a life-affirming force in the world.…

That’s actually a pretty hopeful message when you think about the opportunity to be part of a generation that actually begins to move things in the other direction, and actually begins to restore and heal rather than undermine and destroy.
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